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Concrete services in Bathurst and Regional NSW


Ultra Services Ground Pavement & Building offers a wide range of concrete services throughout Bathurst and Regional NSW.

We were founded on the belief that providing quality work should be the cornerstone of any business and we aim to lead the way in the industry by example. We put safety first and foremost, both for your property and team and our own.

We strive to ensure that every job we complete is done to the highest quality standards, whether you need concrete cutting and drilling, sawing or floor and wall chasing services, we are here to provide you with those services on time and on budget.

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Concrete cutting encompasses any type of removal of chunks of concrete from floors, walls and more. We have the most sophisticated tools and equipment which allows us to make cuts that are more precise and cleaner than was possible with older model tools.
We offer precise and neat concrete drilling services using the latest tools and equipment to provide crisp, clean cuts. We are more than capable of drilling in tight spaces and we work well to deadlines to provide you with the quality services you’re looking for.
We provide concrete grinding services to remove bumps and other imperfections in the surface of the concrete. This can be done for flooring to give it a smooth look or for other structures in which a flawless surface area is important, such as concrete benches.
We offer concrete sawing services to remove concrete portions of virtually any size. We can provide accurate cuts so there is less need for patchwork and other repairs later.
We can provide concrete floor and wall chasing for putting in piping structures and conduit. We can achieve precise cuts and notches that provide enough space for your project, without being more than you need to get the job done.
Before you begin any renovation project where you will be cutting into concrete, you need concrete scanning services. We use sophisticated equipment to detect rebar and other materials that may exist beneath the concrete before we begin cutting.


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