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Concrete cutting in Bathurst and Regional NSW


Man Cutting Concrete — Pavement in Abercrombie, NSW
Concrete cutting can be used for a variety of purposes but is most common when creating joints that help to prevent cracking during the natural movement and shrinkage that occurs with concrete. They are made at precise locations throughout the surface and are important to add after the concrete has had proper time to cure and harden, but before there has been enough time for it to crack. Our experts can help you determine precisely the right time for concrete cutting based on the type of mixtures and aggregate used in the formation of the concrete, as well as the weather and temperature.

When to cut the concrete is also partly determined by the type of equipment being used. In hot weather areas we can cut in as little as a few hours after the concrete has been poured. We know when to time the cutting to preserve our saws and your concrete surface. We provide accurate cuts that will preserve the look of your concrete over time to prevent cracking and other damage that is common with concrete surfaces.

You can rest assured our contractors are highly skilled professionals in our field. We know the correct way to perform concrete cutting so you won't have to worry that we will push the blade too hard, use an incorrect blade or cut at the wrong speed. You will get clean, precise cuts that serve their purpose well over long periods of time.

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