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Concrete floor and wall chasing in Bathurst and Regional NSW


Wall Chasing — Pavement in Abercrombie, NSW
Ultra Services Ground Pavement & Building in Abercrombie provides concrete floor and wall chasing for a wide range of clients and industries. We have the tools needed to complete projects with cleanliness and precision, when you hire us you are hiring someone who will get the job done correctly and with safety in mind by reducing dust and debris.

Concrete chasing means to cut neat and precise channels in walls or floors using a grinder with a diamond blade. Generally two slots are cut to then make the space wider using a drill. We use an attached vacuum that removes any dust as the job is done so the workspace remains free of excessive dust floating through the air. We perform concrete chasing to make room for pipes, conduit and other slender piping. We can also perform chasing in bricks and blocks.
There are many benefits of concrete floors and wall chasing. These can include:

Cleanliness - Using modern techniques, chasing is usually far less dusty and messy than other methods. This is especially true when an attached vacuum is used.

No water - This is a technique that can be done dry so you won't have to worry about the potential for mess when using water.

Precision - We are able to cut with extreme precision for a neater finished product and a more secure fit for the pipes or wiring conduit later.

Versatility - We have the tools needed to work on even the most established and hardest of concrete.

Appearance - Concrete chasing can be done in a way to create decorative sections that increase the aesthetic appeal of the area.

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We provide superior chasing services through the Abercrombie area. Our equipment is top of the line and our crew are highly experienced, skilled and trained in all aspects of precision concrete cutting and drilling.

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