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Concrete grinding in Bathurst and Regional NSW


Man Working Using Grinder — Pavement in Abercrombie, NSW
At Ultra Services Ground Pavement & Building we provide concrete grinding services for any sized job, large or small. Concrete grinding can be used in a wide range of applications. From large-scale projects such as highways and other pavement, to smaller jobs such as garage floors or kitchen benches. We can provide the concrete grinding you need to make any surface smooth and ready for your finishing touches.

Concrete grinding is a technique that is used to not only improve the appearance of a concrete surface, it also helps to strengthen the surface so that it lasts longer. Cracks, bumps and unevenness are all issues which can make a surface look sloppy and also makes the concrete more likely to have deeper issues later - more severe cracking and crumbling, especially with concrete that is outdoors. Grinding removes imperfections from the surface, making the concrete stronger and more durable, able to hold up better over time. Concrete grinding can also be used to get a surface ready for polishing by evening out the surface so that it is smooth and attractive.
There are many benefits to concrete grinding

Durability - Grinding concrete makes it more durable and less susceptible to severe cracking and other more serious damage later on.

Smoothness - You'll enjoy a smooth surface once the grinding is complete, providing a more attractive finish, especially if the surface is polished as well.

Less maintenance - A more rugged surface means less care is needed to maintain the look and functionality of the concrete surface.

Noise reduction – Driving surfaces will be quieter and provide a more comfortable ride after grinding.

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